2013-06-27 web Lasergame1The Spider Laser Game is a laser maze game attraction especially designed for amusement parks, theme parks and rental applications. It is available as a fixed installation or as a portable and mobile solution.
The fixed installation attraction fits every kind of theme park or indoor playground that wants to offer a new generation of interactive entertainment.
The Spider Laser Game is unique for each project and can be designed according to individual needs and ideas. Whether it be the number of zones, the general obstacle construction or the number of lasers - the whole concept is completely variable and can be individually customized.
The whole theme framework of the Spider Laser Game can be individualized and can match every kind of storyboard.
Additional accessories like haze, light or sound effects enhance the Spider Laser Game, making it a unique attraction.
Cameras on the inside and screens on the outside ensure a high level of security and provide an inside view to people waiting outside.
Players can obtain a photo showing them playing the game after they have finished the course.

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