2013-06-27 web Lasergame7Spider Laser Game is a new laser maze application for children and adults.
The Game is set as if in a film where a treasure has to be grabbed, which unfortunately is protected by an alarm system consisting of many laser beams - some of them even moving!

The laser beams can be passed by jumping over, crawling under, catching or dodging the beams in different areas. The player competes against the clock. If a beam is interrupted an additional time penalty is applied.

The game can contain various zones with various levels of difficulty which can be controlled for maximum fun.
As an example, the game can be split into three zones, where each zone provides another challenge.


The first zone

Laser Maze Green Zone

In the first zone there could be a scenario based upon a Mission Impossible theme. The player has to pass by the beam obstacles and must be careful not to touch the beam and trigger the alarm. Once he has passed all the beams, he reaches the next zone and another challenge.

The second zone

Laser Maze Blue Zone

The second zone requires agility and fast reaction. The player has to catch as many blue beams as he can in the given time. To make it trickier, red beams show up too, which mustn't be caught - otherwise additional penalty time is added.
After the set time the door to the last zone opens.

The third zone

Laser Maze Red Zone

For completing the last zone a combination of speed and agility is required: In this area the beams are moving randomly through the room and more beams are added as the time within the game progresses. The scenario is based on an Ocean's Twelve theme, so the player must jump and duck as fast as he can to reach the buzzer at the end of this zone.

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