The Spider Laser Game is also available as a mobile entertainment solution (an inflatable laser maze).
It is perfect for use at fairs, exhibitions and parties. The modular and inflatable tents are very easy to set up and the installation of the technical equipment is quickly done.
The mobile solution is available in various sizes and themes and can be custom made for specific requirements.
The system is very easy to setup as the positions for the lasers and mirrors etc. are fixed beforehand, so there are no complicated adjustments required on site.
The technology is adjustable by standard Velcro strips and is built in the same way as the fixed installations.

2013-06-27 web Lasergame5

At the 2013 BMP Show in Birmingham, Great Britain, Laserworld presented the mobile entertainment solution of the Spider-Lasergame.
To see the mobile Spider-Lasergame in action on the BPM, watch the video below.

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